How to block websites and apps on my child’s phone

block websites and apps

Are you worrying parents? Did you want to control the harmful content on your kids’ devices? Now kids’ safety is essential due to the harmful content on the internet. Well, it’s understandable the dangerous side of media. But there is a problem that needs to protect your kids. But the question is how? We all know that the internet is not a safe place for children. Our kids are innocent or unable to find the earlier dangerous signs and the horrible side of the internet. Kids are addicted to pornography, online scams, or maybe bullied. This post will guide you on how to block websites and apps on your child’s phone. With
the best parental control app OgyMogy app. if you don’t have this app, hurry and visit or get it.


OgyMogy parental control app for website or app blocking

When, it comes to blocking inappropriate websites or apps from your kids' devices. OgyMogy is considering the leading app. it is easy with OgyMogy to find your kids' activities. This phone spy app provides full authority to restrict your kids' activities. You can stop your kids from visiting the inappropriate websites on their browsers. Further, itcan help you to block adult apps on their devices remotely. This parental control app lets you know about your child's internet browsing history. Or it can allow you to see the incognitive or bookmarks secretly. You can get all benefits, but you have to install it on your targeted devices once you install it on kids' devices. You'll get access to OgyMogy web control panel to watch the
activity report in detail. OgyMogy helps you with a variety of features. That will guide you in tracking kids' phone activities. Or control them by remotely blocking inappropriate apps or websites.


App block

If, you notice your kids spending too much time on dating or gaming apps. If- they are addicted to social media apps. So, you can block specific apps on your child’s devicewithout them knowing. OgyMogy helps you to control your kids from adult apps. You pick this feature or restrict their internet access.

Block website

Get to know the websites they visit. OgyMogy helps you restrict their internet access by blocking certain websites. It allows you to control kids’ access to adult or porn websites for their safety. It helps you to protect children from potential threats or actions.

Web History

Now, it’s easy for you to see what your kids watch on the internet. Or check what they see or type to watch on the search bar. It helps to measure what kind of content your kids watch while using the internet. Further, users can get to know the bookmark URLor private windows activities in secret.

Monitor Activity

Check your kids’ activity on their cell phone devices. OgyMogy helps you to show the time duration of using the app or web browser on their devices. You can see what they are doing on their devices. It helps to understand kids’ cell phone habits. Additionally, you can protect them from upcoming threats.

How to block websites or apps on a child's cell phone?

If- you are looking for a way to block websites or apps through OgyMogy. Don't worry about it. TOS installation is easier than it sounds. Once you get you can restrict your kid's internet access by remotely blocking apps or websites. It helps you with a variety of features. Now, look at the installation steps that help you track online activities. For example, let's install OgyMogy on children's cell phone devices.

Step no.1

Visit the official website And do subscribe to a suitable price package that helps you in further tracking.

Step no. 2

Now login to your Gmail or wait for credentials. Once you receive the official mail from the OgyMogy team, move to the next step.

Step no. 3

You have to touch or install the app on a kid’s phone. And make sure the app icon is hidden by selecting the options.

Step no. 4

Now use the email credentials to log in to the web control panel. And check your kids’ activities or remotely block apps or websites.



Now you can block your kids’ inappropriate apps or websites. With the best parental control app OgyMogy, it helps you to protect your kids from online dangers.

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